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If you are interested in purchasing any items, please call us at 307-635-0019
or email us at for questions, conditions, pricing and shipping information. 

Turquoise Frog Pendants

$450 each

Turquoise Beetle Pendant


Native Cuff Bracelets

Copper: $90

Small Turquoise: $175 

Zuni Kachina: $350

Mini Pill Boxes


Native Necklace


Zuni Pendant


Burnham Turquoise Pendant

1940s, $1,000

Native Cuff Bracelets

Zuni:  1920s, $2,200

Small Turquoise: 1940s, $900

Zuni: Opal and Jet, small size $450

Small Navajo Cuff: 1930s, $1,500

Silver Cuff: 1940, $1,200

Hopi Cuff: Turquoise, $1,200

Native Cuff Bracelets

Zuni:  Large, 1920s, $1,800

Trade Bracelet: 1930s, $300

Turquoise Cuff:  $650

Small Cuff:  $350

Fred Thompson Cuff: Large, $2,500

JW Toadlena Amethyst Cuff: $125

Tufa Cast Turquoise Belt Buckle

1950s, $175

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