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Donate to the Museum

The Nelson museum of the West is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation located in the heart of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Founded in 1998, the mission of the Museum is to collect, preserve and exhibit artifacts that interpret the history, art and lifestyle of the West and to make these resources available for the education and enjoyment of the public. To accomplish this task, we are asking for your assistance.

The Museum is soliciting the donation of works of art, firearms and cowboy and Indian collectibles to be included in the permanent collection. Cash donations are also appreciated and would be used solely to benefit the Museum and to assist in furthering the mission of the Nelson Museum of the West. As a non-profit tax exempt entity, your donation is fully tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Thanks to past contributions, the Museum has made significant contributions to the families of military personnel deployed in the Middle East, provided scholarship funds, permitted free admission for school children, preschoolers and persons with learning disabilities, held fundraisers for local groups and sponsored several western festivals for the community. Your assistance will help us continue these activities.

Ways to Give:

Cash: The Nelson museum of the West gratefully accepts donations of any amount. If you wish to send cash or check, you may mail it to our museum address 1714 Carey Avenue in Cheyenne, WY.


In-kind Goods & Services: A non-cash gift including goods like Cowboy and Indian artifacts, works of art, firearms, etc., services, time and expertise. Individuals, corporations and business are all welcome to make in-kind donations. 

Securities/Stock: Stocks and other securities can be beneficial to both the the donor and recipient. If you'd like to donate in this fashion, please give us a call to discuss the process.

Bequests: Consider us when creating your will. Bequests are gifts made as part of a will or trust and are a flexible way to support the causes you care about. 

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