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Dale Beard

Dale acquired a love of western history and culture at an early age. He is a fifth generation Coloradoan, having been born on the family's ranch, homesteaded by his great, great grandparents in 1866 near Peyton, Colorado. His immersion into history began at birth; his Grandfather who was a western history buff passed the passion on to his grandson Dale.

At an early age he learned to ride horses, herd cows and other tasks of ranching life. This opportunity gave him first-hand knowledge of the ways of a working cowboy and lost arts. 

After college, with the war in Vietnam continuing he was drafted into the Army. Once commissioned, he became an Artillery officer, rising to the rank of Captain and Battery Commander.

This experience provided an interest in military history that remains alive today. He has become an expert in the field and has consulted for many groups, movies, and museums. He has lectured at the high school and college levels, as well as giving talks to various groups.

Once his military service was complete, Dale started his career as an Engineer for a major Telecommunications company. Having spent 28 years in this chosen profession he retired in 2003. In February 2004 Dale became the Director of Collections at the Nelson Museum of the West and is now an honorary board member. 

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