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Born on a small ranch in Superior, Montana, the eighth of 10 children, Bruce T. Moats learned the fine art of arguing at a young age. He developed a keen interest in public affairs and the special rights and freedoms afforded the citizens of the United States. This interest led him into a career in journalism. After graduating from the University of Montana School of Journalism with high honors in 1978, he was hired as a reporter on a small weekly newspaper in Lovell, Wyoming. There he found himself "up close and personal" with the subjects of his articles and the effect his work had upon them.

In 1984, Mr. Moats moved to the daily newspaper in Sheridan, Wyoming, and was named editor in 1987.

As a reporter and editor, he heard all sides of hotly debated issues and saw the strengths and weaknesses of each. Mr. Moats was elected to the Wyoming Press Association Board of Directors and spearheaded efforts to strengthen Wyoming's Open Meetings Law to improve citizen access to government. He won a number of individual awards as a journalist. The Lovell Chronicle and The Sheridan Press were named the top small weekly and the top daily newspaper, respectively, in Wyoming during his time as editor. He served as a lobbyist at the Wyoming Legislature for the Wyoming Press Association from 1997-2023. He recently moved to Montana with his wife to be closer to their children.

Bruce Moats

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