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Aaron Wagner

Aaron Wagner was born in Lovell, Wyoming in 1978. He moved to Cheyenne with his parents in 1986, and still calls Cheyenne home. 

Aaron's passion for history is a strong one, which began at an early age. Between his parents, grandparents and uncles, Aaron was influenced by his own life experiences and stories of past experiences; from The Great Depression to WWII to Military aircraft and memorabilia. Aaron says he "did his best to imitate a sponge", and absorb as much as he could, believing now that these insights have given him a broader perspective of not only our country, but the world as a whole. 

From an early age, Aaron also had a strong connection with the technology field which turned from his passion into his career. He serves as the Cloud, Enterprise Storage and F5/Web Supervisor for the State of Wyoming. He was instrumental in the State of Wyoming’s Cloud re-architecture, as well as numerous other projects in this field. He holds multiple certifications in the world of Cloud Infrastructure, and is passionate about the continued enhancement and security of the Cloud for the citizens of Wyoming.


Outside of his career, Aaron has found new fervor in the world of the Culinary Arts. Though recently awarded a Personal Chef Certification, he continues to claim that it's merely something fun to do “on the side". 

Aaron is married to Lori Mathews, an accomplished musician who is the founder and owner of Bella Music Academy, which operates in downtown Cheyenne. Aaron and Lori are the proud parents of twin daughters, and he admits that the women in his life are the “true rock stars".

Aaron states that he owes his proficiencies in these areas to his mentors; his parents, his family, and all those who have taken time out of their busy lives to share experiences, life stories, art, history, failures and accomplishments and everything in between.

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