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The idea for the Nelson Museum was born on the Plains of Africa, in the outback of Australia, the snow of Siberia and Alaska and in hunting camps locations around the world. The collection itself was designed by founder Robert L. Nelson to show visitors a broad spectrum of our older western cultures. Cowboy, Charro, Art, Native American and Military aspects of the west were carefully studied, and needed artifacts were put on a list for acquisition. The collection grew through the 1970s and 1980s, and in 1998 the museum was opened to the public. Many Collections are very deep. Our collection is very wide!  Each spur, saddle, firearm and artifact was added to the collection for a purpose. Each was added to make the story more complete. The collection totals over 14,000 items and will continue to grow as new aspects of the history of the West are revealed.


“The mission of the Nelson Museum of the West is to build an important collection of Military, Cowboy and Native American Artifacts, Western Art and Natural History Material, and to share this collection with the public in a way so as to educate them as to the history of the Old West.”

The newest component of our museum is the Military Memorial Museum located across the street from our Western Museum. It is named the Military Memorial Museum because it's purpose is to honor the past and present service members serving all branches of the military. Specializing in collecting and displaying all branches, we have displays dating from the Civil War to the present. We're proud to be a part of providing the public with a full understanding of what the military in the Unites States has done for us. For more information on our Military Museum, please visit our website at


A collection the size of the one held by the Nelson Museum of the West cannot all be displayed at one time.
However, many exhibits each season are on display in the 11,000 square feet we allocate to them.
Permanent displays include the United States Cavalry, the studio of artist Burt Procter, a 19th century Wyoming Cattle Baron's room, Fine and Fancy Firearms, high art of the Plains Indians, trophy animals of the world, Historical Firearms, and many more.

Preview just a few below.

If you're interested in viewing our Military Memorial Museum exhibits, please visit our website